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About this Idea Center

Idea Lab is a feedback forum where Oracle Service Cloud customers can submit ideas, collaborate on development, vote for their favorite ideas, and see which are being implemented. You know better than anyone what you want from Oracle Service Cloud.  So we want you to tell us about it-big or small, simple or revolutionary.  We're here, listening for your ideas for making our cloud-based service better! 

Participating in the Idea Lab is the simplest & most direct way to share your ideas & enhancement requests with us.  If you've already shared your idea with us through other channels, you're encouraged to post it on "Ideas," so your idea can be vetted by the Community and reviewed by the Oracle Service Cloud team. 


How the Idea Lab works

1.  Understand the Terms of Use. By contributing to this Idea Lab, you agree to the terms of use.

2.  Search existing Ideas before posting (e.g. keyword search, filter by tag). If your idea already exists, add your comments and vote. 

3.  If your idea hasn't been posted yet, review the submission guidelines below and post your idea. 

4.  Vote & comment on other ideas you are interested in. While we take into account the number of votes an idea receives, we also consider the amount and quality of member feedback.

5.  Make sure to subscribe, so you receive email notifications of idea updates and status changes. 

6.  Check idea statuses & comments to see what ideas are in action. 


Idea Lab Submission Guidelines

  • Search first. If your idea already exists, add your feedback to the original idea rather than diluting the potential impact across multiple submissions.  Plus, this saves you time writing up your idea that has already been submitted or has an answer. 
  • Draft your idea.  Enhancement requests are great, but business problems and use cases are even better. Put your idea in the form of user stories, including the user case, persona(s) involved, and business value achieved. 

Think of following this format:  "As a <user role>, I need <something>, so I can accomplish <benefit/goal>."

  • User role:  What type of user would use this feature?
  • Something: What is the user trying to accomplish? What is needed to accomplish their goal?
  • Benefit/Goal:  What value is provided? 

Also, use a descriptive title and add the most appropriate tag(s). This helps other users find and contribute to your idea. Oracle Service Cloud will edit an idea's tag(s) to ensure it is tagged appropriately, so it is being seen and reviewed by the right group within Product Management.

  • Promote your idea in appropriate places.  If this idea started in a discussion thread, add a link to your idea within the thread, so other people interested in this functionality can easily find and contribute to your idea.
  • Report duplicate ideas. If you find duplicate idea(s), please let us know.  You can either send a private message to Community Manager Erica Leep (eleep) or add a comment to the duplicate idea, referencing the url for the original idea.


Idea Statuses

Every idea has merit. We strive to review and respond to all ideas, but we prioritize responding to top-ranking ideas as indicated by your votes and comments. Product Managers take into account the overall popularity/rank of an idea, but it doesn't guarantee an item will be prioritized on our product road map. Products Managers can and do deliver ideas with varying levels of votes. 

Make sure to subscribe to idea to receive email notifications of status changes and comments from other users and Oracle Service Cloud. 

"How come my idea doesn't have a status?"

  • Your idea is new or hasn't been seriously reviewed by a Product Manager. We strive to review all ideas, but again, we prioritize responding to top-ranking ideas as indicated by your votes and comments. This prioritization applies particularly to the backlog of older ideas that haven't gained a higher level of community support. 

Under Consideration

  • Good idea! We are interested in this idea and want to learn more. As a next step, we need to develop a deeper understanding of the requirements, market relevance, and technical feasibility. See idea comments for our specific questions.
  • Continue to comment or vote to help us better gauge customer interest and needs.
  • If an idea stays in this status for awhile, it means that we are either investing more resources in evaluating this feature or it is in a holding state to be evaluated against other ideas as resources free up.
  • From this status, an idea can be moved into "In Development" or "Not Planned." 

Not Planned

  • These ideas are no longer being actively evaluated by development, because of their relative importance or effort compared to other ideas. However, please continue to vote and comment on these items, so we can continue to gauge interest.

In Development

  • It's underway! The Oracle Service Cloud team is working to execute on this idea.
  • Specific release dates are not included as we are limited in what we can publicly say about the product road map and because we need to maintain flexibility to accommodate urgent projects and other necessary changes.  


  • HOORAY!! The requested functionality has been implemented and added to the product. Thanks so much for shaping the product and helping us know the things that matter to you!


  • Cool, this idea is an existing feature and already available within the product!
  • See comments for details on the applicable release(s) and functionality details. 
  • This idea has been developed and added to the product.  Thanks much for your ideas and input!


  • Oops, this idea has already been submitted.
  • See comments for a link to the original idea, so you can add your vote and comments and track the status.
  • We like to check with the idea author and participants if we aren't sure whether or not an idea is a duplicate, but if your idea was incorrectly classified as a duplicate, please send a private message to Community Manager eleep.


Evaluation Criteria

Many factors go into planning Oracle Service Cloud releases.  Ideas are reviewed by Oracle Service Cloud Product Management for member interest, reach of impact, frequency of use, alignment with our product vision, feasibility, resources, market trends, and prioritization against other projects. In other words, Product Managers take into consideration the overall popularity/rank of an idea in the Idea Lab, but it doesn't guarantee an item will be prioritized on our product road map. They can and do deliver ideas with varying levels of votes depending on how an idea aligns with all the external and internal factors mentioned above.

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