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  • Clive Godman

    Hi Zsolt,

    I totally understand your point, that it causes some issues with planning.

    However these are humans we are working with not robots, they do not all leave the house at precisely the same time like Stepford Wives.

    I can understand this working better if the resources left from a depot, however in my experience, even in this used case the start time can vary tremendously.

    Also the back office team/planners have better things to do than go in and manually adjust the day.

    What we are talking about is an automatic in day adjustment.


  • Clive Godman

    Hi All,


    This is a request I have come up against with many clients. Often the topic is with Technicians returning to work after a long period of sickness. The idea is that you can edit their efficiency to allow them more time to complete an activity whilst they initially return back to work.