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    Read Write Report Add-in to have row level operation...
    Idea posted July 10, 2018 by Heena KarirExpert, tagged Connect Data Services, Connect Desktop Frameworks 
    Read Write Report Add-in to have row level operation functionality
    User Story / Description:

    Hi  All,

    Recently we had a requirement to show data from OSvC DB and external system through Web Service Call. Once the data is received the requirement was to have an ability to click on the report rows and open the record. We decided to use Read Write Report Add-in to display the data as using in built Analytics UI gives better user experience. But we realized that it can be used only for displaying data and there was no way to add standard links (open, new, delete) or Custom Links (Report Command Add-in). We then have to use custom controls. 

    It would be great to have the row level functionality enabled for these virtual tables and reports.