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    Enable ability to send email to different people and not...
    Idea posted April 13, 2018 by Timothy MohleJourneyer, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Enable ability to send email to different people and not copy contact or cc list from a case in OSvC
    User Story / Description:

    1) On a case type, the ability to use a different contact needed, other than customer, since we may need to email multiple people (including partners) but have the end customer copied

    2) There are times when a mail needs to be sent. i.e to a third party or internal and the communicating does not need to go to the customer. Currently this is not possible to do as all mails sent go to the customer and this cannot be changed.

    due to these restrictions, users have to use personal corporate mail to perform the mail communication desired and then for evidence purposes it has to be pasted in as a private mail. This is not efficient.



    • Sebastiaan

      I believe that when you change the contact of your incident to say an internal contact, it is only going to that internal contact and not to the original contact.
      I usually forward the incident to the external party. I believe you can configure in OSvC if the sender in this case will be your personal email address or service mailbox so that a reply to your message ends up either with you or in your service mailbox.

      Would that work for you?

    • Kurt Helfrich

      Another thought - use a linked (a.k.a. parent-child) incident to completely separate the conversations with the customer contact from the conversations with the internal or partner contacts.  I found this white paper online, along with some community posts. 

      We can't use the custom process the way they do in the example - we don't want to close linked/child incidents automatically when the parent is closed.  We want to make sure that all child incidents are closed before the parent can be closed.  I can guarantee that the parent won't get closed, but I need some way to notify the agent that the parent can't be closed.  CPMs run on the server, so they can't pop a message on the agent desktop to alert the agent to the problem.  I have a couple of idea for that to work on in my copious spare time.

      I really wish that linked incidents were an out of the box feature.  We had those in Clarify ClearSupport eons ago, and we've always missed them.  Even SAP CRM has a similar function.