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    Alex Pipes
    Search Criteria in Mobility (Supervisor App)
    Topic posted May 16, 2018 by Alex PipesExplorer 
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    Search Criteria in Mobility (Supervisor App)

    Hi All, as an end user i'd like to be able to search for specific Activities by different categories as you do in the Manage View, when i attempt to use the search functionality, i am requested to "Please specify your search criteria", but i can not see anywhere within the end user app to apply this, or to set it up in configuration. Please see screen shot attached.

    OFSC 18B Build



    • Graham Sawell
      Hey Alex, hope you are well. The search functionality on mobility is exclusively for inventory and the parts catalogue, and unfortunately there's no way to hide the icon, so it's tricky to train users not to try and use it and use a different plug-in based approach. One workaround I came up with for another client uses a custom inventory type with the activity properties added that you want to index on, which then gets added to the activity making it searchable. It's a bit of a hack but works surprisingly well, you can then create custom actions or plugins to navigate them around from the 'search' screen and even use the glossary to make it look the part. Worth noting also that the minimum characters for searching is 3. Let me know if you want any more info or a chat
    • Alex Pipes

      Hi Graham, i'm well thanks, hope you are too.

      From what you say above, I assume I could create a custom inventory property e.g. XI_SUP_WORKORDER, and using a message scenario on Launch Condition - Create Activity, I could populate the new customer inventory property to be set by property field that contains the SAP Workorder. This then becomes a property I can search by as "inventory" on an Activity?

      Assuming then I would amend the search criteria for inventory to include the new custom property on Business Rules? Which should make it visible to search by that property on the supervisor app? Repeat for whatever Activity fields I may want to search on...