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    [Delivered] Set Activity Colour by custom property
    Idea posted October 11, 2017 by Alex PipesExplorer, last edited November 15, 2017 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Set Activity Colour by custom property
    User Story / Description:

    As a Scheduler, I need to be able to clearly see which job is being travelled to. Due to the nature of our work, although we route jobs in an order, due to operational risk changing, we sometimes need to take a job out of sequence. At present there is no way to identify when an engineer is traveling to a different job from the next one in their schedule. Using SAP as our CRM system, we are able to flag an activity as “Accepted”. We are passing this information to OFS as a customer property (Flag). It is necessary to change the colour of these activities which are “Accepted” on the view in OFS.

    1. For customer jobs we are then able to provide clear information on expected ETA, rather than assume it’s the next activity.

    2. Health and Safety to see that a resource has acknowledged that they are visiting an activity out of order. If no activity is accepted, it would be a reasonable conclusion that something could be wrong with the engineer.

    3. If an incident occurs, we know where the engineer was heading next.



    • Zsolt

      Hi Alex,

      This is a complex proposal and I don't have anything against that, but I see it on different aspect which may help you to think it differently.

      The technicians cannot change activities order, I mean they just can do them in the routed order. If anything happen which have impact on the next activity they're able to report that (add time, phone call to dispatcher and so on). Extra (urgent) jobs can be assigned only by dispatchers or Routing, but in the last case there is an extra notification method need to be implemented to warn technicians. Current time is always seen on Time View which is show individual technician status also (doing job or travelling). ETA can be get by API in any time even when the examined activity isn't the next one. If you prefer an acknowledge from the technician, then it's doesn't necessary means he haven't any issues after acknowledged, but before starting the next one. With Smart Location correctly configured you can see the technicians movements on the Map View in street level.


    • Alex Pipes

      Hi Zsolt,

      Thankyou for your prompt review of our issue. I should also add that we aren't using the OFS mobility module. A decision which has multiple implications.

      Using our mobile solution and strategic business rules, certain engineer types need to be able to pick up work out of sequence, and have this functionality available to them on their mobile device. The mobile solution was designed for a previous Scheduling solution and we now, where possible need to replicate certain functionality in OFS, or at least provide a solution to the specific requirements.

    • Zsolt

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you, that explains a lot. Just one more idea: aren't you able to make different activities for different statuses? I mean if you aren't using lots of activities, then for example you can make an "Install" (I mean scheduled) and an "Install - Dispatched" and an "Install - Accepted" activities with different coloring and change activity type by API on the fly. On site = Started, Confirmed = Ended, so "just" two additional type need to be recorded. If you just like to see different colors on screens then you can use the same Name, just use different Label. This is just an idea which wasn't tested.


    • Mike Wierzbowski


      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      With Oracle Field Service Cloud it is assumed the engineer is traveling to the next activity on the route.  If you would like to see if the engineer "Accepted" the activity and/or is on the way  then one suggestion used by other customers is to configure the "Activity Time View Label" screen context under: {User Type} -> Screen Configuration ->  Manage.  This screen will present a label on the Activity in the Time View providing you with a way to see if the activity was accepted/engineer is on their way. 

      You can work with you IT group to identify the system property that should be configured and if not configured they can add that to the integration. It will also be important to understand when the value could be set meaning - can an engineer accept more then one job (assuming that is directly related to being on their way) or if there another status that needs to be used, etc ...  The last suggestion would be to configure the visibility conditions for the property to only be shown for so only pending activities in Oracle Field Service Cloud. 

      We would also advise working with Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) to help solve your business needs.  They have access to Oracle Field Service Cloud implementation experts and have provided solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team