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    Send Survey through Connect PHPAnswered
    Topic posted January 16, 2018 by NivenWhiz 
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    Send Survey through Connect PHP


    The business requirement is to have a Survey emailed when the incident is marked Closed. Although the customized button from the Customer Portal page does change the status field in the Incident record, it does not trigger the existing business rule. The business rule will work if the status is changed from the Agent Desktop (which is expected). The Connect PHP is used for Mailings when the statuses are in other values. Can Connect PHP be used to send Surveys?

    Thank you

    Niven Surenthiran 

    Service Cloud

    Best Answer

    Suresh Thirukoti

    Niven - You can use Connect PHP to invoke Campaigns like below. You can create campaign like {Entry Point} ---> {Transactional Survey}

    // fetching contact object with ID of 1
    $contact = RNCPHP\Contact::fetch(1);
    // will execute flow id 6 for the campaign
    $flow_id = 6;
    RNCPHP\Marketing::ExecuteMarketingFlow($contact, $flow_id, "start_here");