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    Automatic data upload through email attachment+data...
    Idea posted March 16, 2015 by Geraud AndreuxWhiz, tagged Connect Data Services 
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    Automatic data upload through email attachment+data import wizard+rule
    User Story / Description:

    Hi All,


    As a system admin I need a solution to upload contacts from a csv automatically, daily.

    We are using RightNow as an HR Helpdesk tool for our employees. The list of employees is maintained in our ERP, which produces a csv file with the necessary information everyday (one row per employee).

    Currently we use the data import wizard to upload this file every week or so, but being able to do that every day automatically will soon become necessary, when we'll start to roll-out some extra functionalities in RightNow (document generation).

    We have strong infrastructure constraints which means that using APIs, java or .Net and batch scheduling will be really difficult / impossible.

    However our ERP can easily send the csv by email, as an attachment, to any address.

    So we would need a solution like a database rule, that would monitor the emails in our main box, and could be along the lines of:

    If "email title" = "Daily contacts import"

    then trigger a data upload wizard,

    using these parameters:

    - upload type: "contacts"

    - upload file: file attached to the email

    - delimiter: ";"

    - coding: "unicode"

    - template: "template number 1"

    - ignore wrong records: "yes"

    - any other parameter from the data upload wizard.


    The rule would obviously trigger when such an email arrives, and update the data on the fly.

    The one bit that misses is the ability to trigger the data upload wizard from the rule. If that could be done, that would open some wide doors for integration I think, in a manner that can be implemented by anyone, regardless of their technical level.

    Hoping to see that soon, even as a custom add-in!

    thanks in advance,





    • The Joan

      Geraud, I also work in an HR organization. When we implemented, we had an integration put in place by professional services due to our unique circumstances around contacts. My HRMS system puts a file out on the drop box with any changes to existing contact records that RightNow picks up each day via a cron job. The customization then maps the columns for upload. We can add additional fields in the future because the customization matches the name of the field via the first row. I get a daily confirm from my HRMS system telling me how many rows it sent and a confirm from RightNow when it has completed the upload so I can validate that everything went according to plan. Because my new hires don't have the HRMS system's ID in the RightNow contact record yet and we can't use emails as a unique identifier, our customization also matches up the contact first by checking for the HRMS system ID, if it can't find a match, it then looks for national identifier. If it still can't find a match, it then creates a new contact record. I do have some daily cleanup of what I call the .0 report. These are the ones where there are duplicate login ids or duplicate email addresses. This wasn't the easiest implementation ever, it does make it more complicated when we upgrade and we have had a few bumps and bruises along the way, but it has actually worked out pretty well for us.

    • Geraud Andreux

      Hi Joan,


      thanks for taking the time for such a thorough answer.

      That could work for us also I think, although indeed it seems that it was a significant piece of work.

      Could you please precise how your HRMS system puts the file on the drop box? using FTP?

      Is there any way I could get in contact directly, to explore if we could share this customisation? I can't find a "private message" option on this forum (I'm rather new to it though, I might have missed it). I could maybe ask our Oracle contact to check it?

      thanks again,




    • The Joan

      Yes, I believe it is FTP. I will double check with my developer.

      Are you going to the Oracle Service Experience at the end of the month? I would be glad to do some networking, especially with someone else who is using it for HR purposes. We've been using the system since 2008.

    • The Joan

      Oracle picks up our pgp file from our B2B(business-to-business) server using FTP. Although we have an internal dropbox site, it's primarily used for adhoc file exchanges.

    • Geraud Andreux

      Thanks, I'll get in touch with our Customer success manager to see if he could arrange a contact with you and see if we could share the customisation,

      Regarding the Oracle Service Experience, I'd be glad too but I'm in Belgium and I don't think I'll be able to hop over,

      Let's exchange directly once we are in touch though,


       thanks again,