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    "clickstreams" via Analitycs
    Idea posted February 23, 2018 by Cecilia BustosRookie, tagged Reporting 
    "clickstreams" via Analitycs
    User Story / Description:

    As a customer that really likes to understand the user behavior, we frequently are focused on clickstream table to get statistics about our consumers.


    Unfortunately we don't have any standard dashboard to accede easily to these data and we think there would be great to incorporate it to the tool.


    Nowadays given a real need from our business area we are forced to request a custom development to extract clickstream data and other related tables. But, we are not sure about facing this type of developments because can cause some performance problems if the report is not well designed.

    So this post has the intention to make 'clickstreams' available via Analytics with all its data as well as the most important related tables inside in a single dashboard for a better experience.