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    Hanna Abi Akl
    Report for Incidents per all contactsAnswered
    Topic posted April 20, 2017 by Hanna Abi AklSpecialist 
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    Report for Incidents per all contacts

    Hello dears,

    We have a requirement for one of our clients that they be able with their user to view a report for all the incidents related to their organization once they are logged in under the My Account tab. However, we've only managed to generate reports that show the incidents where they are the contact. It seems that Oracle immediately bases the results on the contact_id. I've tried modifying the report and the table joins but with no luck.

    Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?



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    There is a nice faq available with detailed instructions:



    • Anurag Mittal

      There is OOTB widget to do the same.

      Use this widget as a filter and set MYQ_VIEW_ORG_INCIDENTS config setting to a value equal to or higher than the display_type attribute used with the widget.

      <rn:widget path="search/OrgList" />

      Go through below link for detail info about this widget

      <SITE NAME>/ci/admin/versions/manage#widget=standard%2Fsearch%2FOrgList


    • Dietrik

      There is a nice faq available with detailed instructions:

    • Hanna Abi Akl

      Hello guys,

      Thank you both. I've marked Dietrik's answer as the best since the faq he pointed to details a bit more the solution's implementation. Anurag, thank you for giving me the widget snippet which ultimately proved the correct solution - the faq just adds to your answer by pointing to the corresponding configuration change to make in the administration console (desktop interface).

      I was able to do this with your help guys. Now the customers have a filter under their view where they are able to select only their or other contacts' incidents in their organizations.


    • Dietrik

      Glad to see they're happy.