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    2015 Community All-Star Spotlight: Kyle Snay
    Topic posted June 12, 2015 by KyleLegend, tagged Member Spotlight 
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    2015 Community All-Star Spotlight: Kyle Snay

    Not gonna lie, feels a little weird posting information about myself but I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to be chosen as a Community All-Star. More importantly, thanks to everyone here who takes the time to participate in the community and make Service Cloud a better experience for all. We'd make the best trust circle ever!

    Minnesota State Colleges & Universities. We represent the state's 31 two- and four-year public colleges/universities.

    CRM Administrator/Namer of Clouds/6-Layer Dip Maker

    How long have you been using Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)?

    • 12 human years
    • 77 dog years
    • 107 kangaroo years
    • 13.18681318681319 Vulcan years
    • x 12 Iowa years (I grew up in Iowa so 1 year there equals eternity elsewhere)

    How has your role evolved since first using Oracle Service Cloud?
    Service Cloud (RightNow) was 5% of my position description when I first started. I was the “new guy” and our organization had just deployed our first site so they needed an admin. Now with 35 sites, Service Cloud is 105% of my job.  We implement our own sites, provide training, serve as admins and provide support. Also, my liver hasn’t been the same since attending those RightNow Summits back in the day at the Broadmoor.

    What is something that you’re proud of in your Oracle Service Cloud implementation?
    We rolled out with 1 site 12 years ago with no plans of expanding. Now we’re at 35 and we’re constantly finding more uses for Service Cloud. That’s pretty cool.

    How have you used Oracle Service Cloud to solve a business problem within your organization?
    We’ve been cloning the Ask a Question page on many of our sites to create custom web forms and then incorporating workflow processes behind them. Oftentimes we're replacing paper-based and PDF forms with these online forms. It’s become a very popular request from our sites because you can manage a lot of customized services through them.

    Define Oracle Service Cloud in one word:  Samajestas

    What advice would you give to someone who is new to Oracle Service Cloud?
    Invest in training. Service Cloud is too massive to be covered in one class but a solid service admin and analytics course will provide you with the foundation to really harness the power of the software and its capabilities.

    What keeps you coming back to the Community?
    Susie Boyer told me that the customer who posts the one millionth comment will get a puppy and a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (I will share the ice cream with my puppy).

    If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?
    It would have to be Brad Pitt. Think about it, we both have the same number of characters in our name, we’re born in December, he was in the movie Troy while I have an imaginary friend named Troy, he’s won a Golden Globe and I’ve received a Community All-Star award. I’ve got this scar on my right hip which pretty much means we were separated at birth. Of course he got screwed on the height but he masks his envy really well.

    What was your dream job when you were a kid?
    My dream was not to have a job. That’s still my dream today… stupid lottery numbers.




    • Ryan Schofield

      On the 1 millionth comment, eh? So That excludes original posts but just the comments? Does it cover across both User and Dev communities and Idea Lab? Really got to know the details so I can focus my efforts. Though I'd prefer a different flavor than you depicted, and a cat instead of a dog (don't have to share ice cream with the cat!), the wife has been wanting one so guess I'll have to win this for her.

    • Susie

      Did I say a puppy??  Did I warn you that only positive comments count?  ;-)  

      Congrats Kyle!  You are definitely an All-Star!  The community would not be the same without you.


    • Kyle
      Ryan Schofield said:

      Though I'd prefer a different flavor than you depicted, and a cat instead of a dog (don't have to share ice cream with the cat!), the wife has been wanting one so guess I'll have to win this for her.

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      Actually, Ben & Jerry's no longer makes Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It was discontinued a few years ago and the outcry from customers has been pretty epic; currently it's the #1 flavor in the B&J Graveyard. Back in 2012, the closest store that had Oatmeal Cookie Chunk was 330 miles away. I drove down with a cooler, cleaned out their freezer (15 pints) and had 10 pints left by the time I got home. People take it pretty seriously (as well they should):

      I'm definitely a dog guy but also have 2 cats (my mom corrupted my 2 kids and they worship those fur-balls). However, you could get a Bengal cat which would probably make your wife happy. They're larger than typical cats and have a very outgoing, loyal and energetic personality. People often refer to them as a dog in a cat's body (you can even walk them on a leash and they love to play fetch). 

    • Kyle
      Susie said:

      Did I say a puppy??  Did I warn you that only positive comments count?  ;-)  

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      Did I mention how beautiful you're looking today and I love what you've done with your hair. I'm pretty sure that counts as two comments. laugh

    • Susie

      Man- you really do have a way with words....  ;-)   Definitely gives you some extra points (your wife has you well-trained!).

    • Kyle
      Susie said:

      Definitely gives you some extra points (your wife has you well-trained!).

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      We guys call that survival tactics.

    • Matthew Lees

      You're an All-Star by any definition, Kyle. Pretty amazing how your role has grown and changed…though your drive and candor (happily) have not.

      It's also nice to get a little more background on Kyle the Man, as opposed to Kyle the User or Kyle the Customer. Didn't know about Iowa, for example.

      Forget the Ben & Jerry's...I'm interested in the 6-layer dip!

      - Matthew

    • Jens

      Congratulations Kyle! You're definitely an All-Star, thank you for your community participation!

      I think I'd prefer Val Kilmer to play you though...


    • Karen Rihs

      Good call, Jens.  I agree!

    • eleep
      Thanks for participating in our first round of All-Star Spotlights, Kyle! I didn't mean for it to feel awkward...I just thought it made more sense for your name (rather than mine!) to be tied to your member spotlight! :)
      I'm not surprised that you grew the 5% RightNow portion of your job to be your entire have been helping grow and contributing "above and beyond" to RightNow and now Oracle Service Cloud (e.g. Community, references, user groups) for as long as I've been around. I think you were one of the original customers to participate in the beta RightNow Community back in 2006. Thank you for all of your ongoing and varied contributions, particularly here in the Community. You are valued by your peers and the Oracle Service Cloud team, particularly valued as we work to reinvigorate our Community.
    • Tanya Paroz

      Well done Kyle!

    • Kyle

      Hi everyone, thanks for the recent comments. I'm neck-deep in planning a knowledge optimization workshop that I'm delivering with some Oracle friends on Thursday at our Minnesota User Group. When I come up for air on Friday I'll post some replies. laugh

    • Bhagwan Singh Mer

      I hope to be the one millionth guy on this forum

      "It's not important to win, it's important to make the other guy lose"laugh

    • Berit Nordgarden

      ha ha ha (imagine if this lame comment was the millionth comment - but if it is I'll ask them to send you the puppy)

    • Jacki Sutton Holmes

      Kyle your a Oatmeal Star - I have followed you since I worked at RightNow and can say enough about your sense of humor.  Congrats on the Community Rock Star Status!