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    [Under Consideration] Enable the export and import of...
    Idea posted January 12, 2018 by Zdenek SalavaExplorer, last edited January 16, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged Field Service 
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    [Under Consideration] Enable the export and import of filters in OFSC
    User Story / Description:

    Enable the export and import of filters in OFSC

    • Now it is not possible.
    • It would be a nice and efficient to transfer filters between production and test instance(Easy synchronization/maintenance of filters).
    • If the same filters are not set between instances after transfer a configuration of the screens the filter assignment to the profile is lost and must be manually restored. It is inefficiency and dissatisfaction for users.

    For example:

    When transfer screen configuration (for example Dispatcher) from production to test.

    The system says the filters XY that are introduced to the production but not to the test will not be transferred. It is OK.

    When transfer screen configuration (for example Dispatcher) from test to production .

    There is no alert message. The Dispatcher´s filters disappear in the production instance. They are dissatisfied. The admin has to go into filters and individually disappeared filters re-assign to the profil (Dispatcher).



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