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    Chat notification should be more obvious and sound until...
    Idea posted April 13, 2018 by Timothy MohleJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, Chat 
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    Chat notification should be more obvious and sound until the agent picks up the live chat (not just sound for 2-3 seconds)
    User Story / Description:

    When a chat comes into an agent the toast notification and the sound is very easy for the agent to miss. feedback from user: The chat notification gives a single ring and the volume is kind of low, can we have a continuous ring till we pick up the chat?
    When a chat agent receives an incoming chat, the sound alert notification lasts only for 2-3 seconds. The sound notification should continue till the time available chat agent picks the live chat.



    • Sebastiaan

      This might be possible already (not tested myself). The default sound file can be changed through Webdav.
      The name of the file is chat_receive.wav and I think you could just use any sound as long as you keep the original name and extension (you may have to check the bit size in Audacity. The file is located in the following folders:

      • \assets\default\themes\standard\sounds
      • \assets\themes\mobile\sounds
      • \assets\themes\mobile\scss\sounds
      • \assets\themes\standard\sounds
      • \assets\themes\standard\scss\sounds
    • Timothy Mohle

      Would these changes endure after an upgrade or would the reconfig be required each time?

    • Sebastiaan

      While I have not verrified this myself for the chat sound, I would assume this would stay in place after an upgrade just like you keep your customized pages after an upgrade.