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    Merlyn Gordon
    Making Your Upgrade A Success
    Event posted April 11, 2011 by Merlyn GordonSpecialist, last edited September 8, 2015 by eleepHero 
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    Making Your Upgrade A Success
    Date and Time:
    May 4, 2011 10:00am - 11:00am

    RightNow executive, Mike Zinne, who oversees Upgrade Services, will share what is new in the upgrade process, how you can prepare for an upgrade, and what can you expect from the RightNow’s upgrade team.  In addition, we will have a special guest customer, Rhianna Albert from Nikon, to provide insight and suggestions on how to best prepare and execute an upgrade internally within your organzation.

    Join us to hear answers to these common questions:

    • What has changed/what is RightNow doing to help customers upgrade more regularly?
    • What is the lead time to get upgraded? 
    • How do customers prepare their staff and organization for the upgrade?  
    • Is there any training needed before or after the upgrade to make it successful?  
    • Are there any prerequisites for upgrading to certain releases?
    • What question about upgrades do you hear from customers the most? 


    Who should attend: Anyone who has concerns about or a vested interest in upgrading to the next RightNow release


    Mike Zinne, Vice President of Solutions Consulting  & Upgrade Services

    On Demand Seminar:

    View the recorded event here:



    • Merlyn Gordon

      If you have a question for Mike, be sure to post it here in advance of the event. During the event, Mike will answer your questions, as well as your questions asked live during the Expert Seminar.

      Hope to see you there,


      Merlyn Gordon
      Product Marketing Manager
      Twitter: @merlyngordon

    • Tracy Larimer

      The Seminar will be recorded and posted after the event.

      We've gotten great feedback and interest in this seminar!  We will record the seminar to insure it is available to anyone who cannot make it because of the meeting time (5pm GMT) or prior engagements.

      If you will not be able to attend the seminar, but have specific questions, please add the questions here as a comment.  We will answer your question even if you are not there to ask it in person.


    • Merlyn Gordon

      Thanks for attending today's Expert Seminar. I've posted a link to the recorded event, as well as a copy of Mike's presentation. Looking forward to seeing you on future Expert Seminars.

      Also, if you have a moment, please let us know how we we're doing by completing this quick event survey

    • BPailthorpe

      Many of the attendees in today's seminar had quesions regarding Custom Objects.  Here is a link to an archived Expert Seminar specifically on Customer Objects from earlier this year (Feb 211) -

      If you have further questions about Custome Objects, you can post your questions here -