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    Daniel Thomas
    Custom Scripts from report are not running on the Portal.Answered
    Topic posted May 16, 2018 by Daniel ThomasRookie 
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    Custom Scripts from report are not running on the Portal.

    We have a custom report that gets run on the portal. When I add columns or making changes it reflects on the portal. When I add my custom script to the report, the changes do not reflect on the portal. I am not sure if there is a setting somewhere that enables it or if the Portal cannot run custom scripts. I know my custom script is working because when I run the stand alone OSC report it works fine and manipulates the table the way I want. 

    OSC 18.0

    Best Answer

    Gursimran Singh Saini

    Custom Scripts in Report do not work on Portal.

    More info here:

    Note: Custom scripts only run while using the report from the Oracle Service Cloud console. These same reports do not run the custom scripts while used from the Customer Portal Pages.