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    Ability to cancel a save request
    Idea posted August 31, 2018 by JelsiaoJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    Ability to cancel a save request
    User Story / Description:

    One of our analysts suggested that there should be an option to cancel a save request. So, if the circle is spinning, he can't cancel the save process in order to make a quick change prior to saving the record. Maybe it should prompt when you click Save, to make sure people really want to save. The prompt to confirm saving could be an option we can turn off in settings. Like in exiting the console, we can check the option to "Automatically sign out when last console is closed". We could have something like "Automatically save changes when save button is clicked." (If not checked, then there will be a prompt that asks "Do you want to save your changes?"