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    Multi-selection of list items via checkbox
    Idea posted April 25, 2018 by Bilyoner DestekRookie, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Multi-selection of list items via checkbox
    User Story / Description:

    Due to the business needs, Call Center Coordinator has to take immediate actions on the incidents by mass update. Incident multi-edit functionality has been introduced, however customer has got a concern about it. He/she has to select each and every incident by hitting CTRL key on the keyboard. Instead, he/she prefers to be able to select incidents via checkboxes. One reason is that selection process may end up with hitting an incident accidentally and all selection will be gone so, having checkboxes will reduce the probability of any mistakes. Second reason is that hitting checkbox is faster than holding CTRL and hitting mouse/touchpad, because hitting checkbox allows you to stop and think, and then continue ticking, and switch between those two very fast. 

    Current version does not have any checkbox functionality neither on Agent Desktop nor on Browser UI. I wonder if we could have this functionality on further releases? It is essential to have it on Agent Desktop, however it comes up as an issue on browser UI as well.

    Thanks for considering and/or commenting.