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    Allow access to utilities or a function to delete records in...
    Idea posted April 23, 2015 by Ronald HilemanWhiz, last edited April 23, 2015, tagged Connect Data Services 
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    Allow access to utilities or a function to delete records in bulk
    User Story / Description:

    When we clone, we need to "clean up" the newly cloned environment by deleting all of the records created in the new environment.  Running a batch soap delete on 1.7 million records take a full day or more.  And we clean up 11 different tables.

    I would like to have access to a utility or job that would allow us to refresh a table without having to delete records one at a time.  Even if we build the program to delete 10,000 at a time (100 records in an array X 100 batch elements), it is very time consuming.




    • Steve Fangman

      Is there a reason you are not using the sparse clone option?  This option will greatly reduce the amount of data copied with the clone process.


    • Ronald Hileman

      Thank you for the response. We are using the sparse clone option, so we do get a reduced amount of contacts and incidents and "out-of-box" records  Our biggest issue is our custom objects.  They come over in total.  We would like to quickly delete our custom object records.