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    Do This One Thing and Your Admins Will LOVE You Forever
    Entry posted May 5, 2016 by KyleLegend, last edited May 5, 2016 by eleepHero, tagged Best Practices, Member Spotlight 
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    Do This One Thing and Your Admins Will LOVE You Forever

    For those of you who don’t me, my name is Kyle. I’ve been the CRM administrator at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities for over 12 years. We represent the state’s 31 two- and four-year public colleges and universities. We started with one site, but we’re constantly expanding and finding new uses for Service Cloud…in fact, we’re up to 39 sites! My role is 105% focused on Service Cloud—implementing and administrating multiple sites, providing training to admins and agents, and providing support/their Tier 1 support for all these different sites.

    As an admin for so many sites we run a lean and mean shop. We apply the KISS principle as much as possible, and we don't have time to go digging for config settings. My tip shows how I customize the navigation set for admins. It allows us to quickly find what we're looking for, and if you're an administrator or anyone who manages other profiles and accounts, I hope it will save you time as well.

    At a recent Customer Advisory Board meeting, I shared this tip on configuring the navigation to simplify and streamline administrating the Oracle Service Cloud solution. The Oracle Service Cloud team invited me to share my tip here. I agreed, because I’m hoping if I share one of my tips, it will help some of you and more importantly, inspire you to share one of your tips or tricks on this blog. Goodness knows, we could all benefit from this kind of knowledge-sharing.

    Watch the video for my tip on customizing the admin navigation set. I’d love to hear your thoughts—do you try this, did you like it, how did you changed it, etc.


    • eleep

      Thanks so much for sharing this great tip and for being our first customer guest blogger, Kyle. We really appreciate your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to record this demo. Featuring customers' tips, tricks, advice, "better practices" and solutions is definitely one of the most exciting aspects of this blog and changes that I'm working towards in our Community, and it wouldn't be possible without folks like you who were willing to contribute.

      Erica, Community Manager

    • Brian Webb

      I like the concept.  I think I would still use folders for some organization, especially for the infrequent administrators.  

    • Andrew Wooster

      I still use folders for some structure but have added my most common config settings below the folders for easier access.

    • Doug

      This is great info, I am going to take this back to our leadership team as we look to grow our Service Cloud to other departments within the company.

    • Sara Knetzger

      Thanks Kyle!  This is a great idea!!  I do still use some folders, but this really helps me.  Right now I'm our primary admin, but there are a few others who have some admin rights, so making it simpler for them to get at what they need is awesome!

    • Adam Yavner

      I like the tip on alphabetizing, though it certainly looks onerous!  Still its a minor investment in time that could make it more efficient in the long term, good stuff!

    • Lauren

      It is definitely a best practice that we implement to organize the navigation sets not only for admins, but all users, too. It definitely makes these users more in a place to hit the ground running once they install and start using Agent Desktop. 

    • JustRhianna

      Many times I use my own folders that make sense to me but my most common items are not in folders and they are alphabetized.



    • Luis Melo

      Hi Kyle,

      I like the idea, but I am a folder/structure freak and like my ow folders, to be honest. But I would not say no to this one, for my client's Admins.


    • Rasheed Ahamed

      Hi Kyle,

      Thanks a ton on that time saving trick for the admins, and yes putting all components at one place and alphabetizing them is a great idea.
      Also, it depends on the individual(Admin's) preferences, I would personally like to go with folder/structure. 


    • Jess Campbell

      This is a new idea for sure. I have taken to adding folders that are named in a more descriptive way to ensure that if someone needs to adjust a setting they can figure out where it might be. However, the admins share a nav set and we have also set up specific folders for admins who only work with a narrow subset of settings or reports. One of the folders might be called, Rhianna- End of Month, and contain all of the reports that she would need to run and export at the end of a month to report to the executives. This makes it easier for people who have admin level access but are only responsible for a few items to see what they need without other admins having to maintain many multiples of nav sets.

    • Kyle

      Hi everyone, I'm glad you're getting some value out of this nav set approach. The overarching theme I was hoping to convey is to take ownership over your nav set and personalize it to fit your needs, preferences, etc. Given that as admins we live in this tool the path of least resistance always makes for a better experience! smiley

    • Thomas Erdahl

      I like the idea of alphabetizing the nav set and getting away from the folder structure that we use right now.  I'm going to bring this up to the other admins on my team to get their thoughts.  I also really like how you use 'Home' to house everything else.

    • Chandini Davis

      Luckily this is one of the first customizations I learned after I saw another admins nav set.  I wish more things were alphabetized in the system!

    • Doug Dostal

      Kyle, thanks for your work on this.  I think this concept can have quite a bit of usefulness in other sections of the Nav Set and application as well.  As the product has grown it has become increasingly difficult to organize the areas on the desktop!  Way to fight back.