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    Disabling staff group for assignment
    Idea posted January 22, 2014 by Chris van EsExpert, tagged Agent Desktop, Other, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Disabling staff group for assignment
    User Story / Description:

    We have staff groups which are no longer in use; however there are 'old' disabled staff member related to this group. Those should still be there in connection with the history of the incident.

    I like to see the possibility to mark a group for disable assignment (similar like the staff member) when there is no active staff members related to this group. In that case it shouldn't be visible on the workspace for the agent.





    • Kenny Tietz


      Thanks for your post.  When I was the Operations Manager in support we had the same issue. We achieved your desired outcome by doing the following:

      1)  Appending "(DO NOT USE)" to make it clear that these were old groups that should not be used.

      2)  We used workspace rules that excluded the specific groups from the assignment drop down in workspaces for incidents, tasks, opportunity, etc...

      I have attached an example screen shot of the workspace rule that you could create along with the corresponding assignment list during incident edit that excludes these groups.

      I hope this was helpful.


      Kenny T.

      Oracle RightNow, Product Manager

    • Chris van Es

      Thanks Kenny.

      That works, but take some time as we uses many interfaces and workspaces.