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    [Delivered] Warning Message when entering end/start times in...
    Idea posted June 6, 2018 by Richard GranamanRookie, last edited June 13, 2018 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Warning Message when entering end/start times in activities
    User Story / Description:

    It would be useful to give a warning of some sort when an agent enters a past/future time when starting/completing activity.  Many times 12:00pm (12:00) will be chosen for 12:00am (00:00).  This can impact coverage for techs route throughout the day, missing appointment windows for customers.




    • Zsolt

      Hi Richard,

      We have two options already:
      - on Mobile, the technician right can be limited to use only actual times
      - on Manage, a warning message appear if the provided time value is bigger / less than 1 hour as the current: "Time change exceeds one hour. Continue?"


    • Mike Wierzbowski

      Hi Richard,

      As Zsolt mentioned, field resources can submit specific times when the click the action button.  In addition warnings are also provided when a user try's to make an update that exceed one hour.  If the user clicks OK we will make the change because the confirmed it is OK.  There are also warnings for other conditions like earlier activation - for example: a route already has a completed activity and the user tries to change the start time of the new activity to the middle of the previously completed activity, the user will be shown a message like 'Early activation time is not allowed (Last operation: 06/13/18 05:01 PM)" 

      You can also use the "Set Action Time" permission the User Type to enable/disable the functionality that allows a user to choose the time in Manage. This will use the time they clicked the action button.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team