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    Gary Gillespie
    Adding a seperate Average row for each ticketAnswered
    Topic posted May 15, 2018 by Gary GillespieRegular, last edited May 15, 2018 
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    Adding a seperate Average row for each ticket

    Hi All,

    I cannot get the Average Row at the bottom of the report to show under each rollup… however, if I add a filter and search by Ref number then it does give me an average for that ticket. But what I need is a separate Average for each ticket... I don't want an average of all tickets.


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    Best Answer

    Gursimran Singh Saini

    Roll Up Average is available.

    Right click on Column header and click Edit Calculations.
    You will see two sections: Roll Up Calculations and Report Calculations.
    Check Average under Roll Up Calculations.

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