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    David Strong
    Response Requirements with a start time at the end of the...
    Topic posted January 12, 2018 by David StrongWhiz 
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    Response Requirements with a start time at the end of the day

    We have a client that is global. They have agents that work 24 hours a day. We have separate interfaces for the various regions. Two of these regions have a work start time that is later in the day and ends early the next day. Example Start Time 16:30 with End Time 06:30

    In the Response Requirements section, we are getting an error when applying these that states the Start Time has to be before the End Time.

    So, will the site not apply the proper timing requirements due to the error, is this an informational warning?

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    • David Strong

      I figured out my own answer. Since the different interfaces have different time zones applied to them, when viewing other interfaces than the one that is logged into, the times update based on the current interface's time. 

    • Richard Keevil

      Nice one David.  I recommend you mark yourself as best answer so that you close off your query and others can benefit from your findings.

      Cheers Rich