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    [Not Planned] Pictures sent in a Twitter private message...
    Idea posted March 11, 2014 by Daniel PalfreymanJourneyer, last edited August 11, 2017 by Jerremy TownsendJourneyer, tagged Social Monitor 
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    [Not Planned] Pictures sent in a Twitter private message cannot be read in Right Now Cloud Monitor
    User Story / Description:

    Pictures sent in a Twitter private message cannot be read in Right Now Cloud Monitor. Our customers will sometimes send an image within a DM, most often a screenshot of an error message or phishing email they have received. Our agents need to view these images in order to provide our customers with a response. This is not currently possible within RightNow Cloud Monitor. Please can this feature be added so our agents can respond to these customers.



    • Hari Menon

      Thanks for posting the idea Daniel. I will add this to our backlog but currently we have other items that are higher in priority. 

      I will respond back as we come closer to adding this to the product.


    • Chris Cahill


      Would you consider forming a forum of customers interested in Cloud Monitor, and then sharing a snapshot of your backlog with us every now and again, with the caveat that it is a moving feast?


    • Hari Menon

      Thank Chris.

      Absolutely. This is something I would be very interested in.

      If you can create a post for this and hopefully other interested customers can reply to your post. Once we have a quorum we can figure out the web conference logistics.



    • Chris Cahill



      No problem - done:

      If anybody wants to get involved, please like and comment on the post.



    • Jerremy Townsend

      This is an old post and I just wanted to provide an update.  This idea is Not Planned.  Social Monitor (which use to be referred to as Cloud Monitor) is not meeting majority of customers requirements and not gaining adoption, therefore we will be focusing on our SRM integration instead of enhancing the current social monitor capabilities.  Please check out our SRM accelerator for more information.

      Jerremy Townsend

      Oracle Service Cloud Product Management