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    A list of all possible RightNow client error messages
    Idea posted December 3, 2010 by Lorenzo TerranovaJourneyer, last edited September 23, 2014 by eleepHero, tagged Other, System Admin and Configuration 
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    A list of all possible RightNow client error messages
    User Story / Description:

    Hi There RightNow colleagues! Smile

    I wonder if it's possible to make and communicatie some kind of list which shows all known RightNow client error message pop-ups that could come up when working with or in the RightNow client application. It would be great if it would be possible to add the solution or pop-up reasen of that specific error message. I added 1 error message (deadlock error.PNG) that i have seen but i suspect that there are more. I am also familiar with the MYSQL server has gone away message.

    This list and information would help me in my roll as System Administrator with performing a better and more quicker troubleshoot. Does anyone have a lise like this? If yes is it possible to post this?

    Many thanks and regards,

    Lorenzo Terranova




    • eleep

      Hi Lorenzo,

      I saw your post in the "Site Feedback" forum board and was going to point you in this direction, but you beat me to it. :)  Glad to see you posted this to the Idea Lab! Thought you might be interested in this idea too: Redesign the error management of RightNow CX.


      Erica Leep, Community Manager

    • Stuart

      Definitely gets my vote; I'm sure RN Customer Support must have troubleshooting guides that they refer to when someone gets in touch and says "I've got error message xyz showing up".

      ***, how about RN goes the whole hog and uses this new-fangled Customer Portal Guided Assistance...

    • Hans

      Agree, there should be more intelligence behind this error design process. A specialized Error knowledgebase with guided assistance as already suggested would be very helpfull. Maybe even provided below the error message (if possible). Suggestions in this post Redesign the error management of RightNow CX should also be considered. As said, streamling these error design processes would reduce the workload on Tech Support and provide insights on how many times errors occur.