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    How to subscribe to Community email notifications
    Topic posted October 1, 2015 by eleepHero, last edited February 11, 2017 
    How to subscribe to Community email notifications

    Like to stay updated on Service Cloud and hear what other users, like yourself, are talking about?

    An easy, effective to stay in touch is to subscribe to email notifications in the Oracle Service Cloud Community. You can choose to receive email notifications of all new posts and/or comments in any forum board. 

    How to subscribe to email notifications:

    1. Join or Login (upper right)
    2.Click into the forum board of interest. If you're new to our Community, start by looking at the forum boards in the User Discussion Forum and Developer Discussion Forum where people ask questions and discuss solutions for different areas of our product. You can also subscribe to the Idea Lab where product ideas and enhancement requests are submitted and discussed.
    3.Click on subscribe icon in the upper right hand corner and check whether you want to receive emails for new posts and/or new comments. You can also unsubscribe from here as well.
    4. You can also (un)subscribe to individual posts by clicking on the "Subscribe" link above the subject line of a post. 
    5. To manage all of your Community subscriptions, go to My Account > Community Subscriptions and adjust your subscriptions accordingly.
    6. We recommend subscribing to the Customer Success Blog, so you’re the first to hear about new offerings, events, quarterly releases, announcements and more.
    Yay! Nice job, you're officially in the Oracle Service Cloud loop and you will start receiving email notifications!