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    Edson Junior
    Are You Ready for the Agent Browser UI? Take the Test.
    Entry posted February 21, 2018 by Edson JuniorPro, tagged Product / Product Release 
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    Are You Ready for the Agent Browser UI? Take the Test.

    As many of you already know, the Agent Browser User Interface (UI) is getting more robust with every release, and you don't need to wait until all of the features have been released to start your UI migration.

    Starting Your Migration to the Agent Browser UI

    Take a look at the 5 reasons why you should start using or at least testing the Agent Browser UI. In addition, early adoption can help you to learn the new concept and UI and inspire your team and agents to keep pushing the envelope on what's possible.

    Your organization can take a phased approach strategy by starting with agents who are ready to go. Here are a few insights from my experience working with customers and partners on how to get started with the Agent Browser UI.

    • Start with the supervisors, those who are running reports and primarily just updating incidents.
    • Most implementation adds agents to a single profile in Oracle Service Cloud, which results in a very complicated and convoluted profile with tons of workflows, add-ins, and others logics. You may have agents who don't need to be associated with this complex profile. Take a moment to review this approach, and unlock these agents who are ready to use Browser UI.
    • Add-ins are supported in the Agent Browser UI, so they shouldn’t be a roadblock. To get started, take a look at Agent Browser UI Extensibility Framework documentation and quick start guide. In working with customers, I notice that many customizations to over the product life, and you often don't have a chance to revisit them to determine which ones have been effective. I’d encourage you to embrace this as an opportunity to revisit your customizations and migrate only those who add value to the business.

    If you are using most of Oracle Service Cloud standard features, so what you are waiting for?

    Okay, but how do you know which agent is ready to begin though?

    Agents are associated with different profile, and profile includes the features they are allowed to use to perform their activities. With that said, you need to find which profile does not include any significant feature gap at this moment.

    In order to help you, we have released a Browser UI Readiness Assessment Tool to provide detailed insight into the current readiness of your Oracle Service Cloud site to adopt the Browser User Interface. As a result, this tool will tell you:

    • Summary from readiness assessment with % already using BUI and % of potentially BUI-Ready and they are not using.
    • Drill down the list of potential profiles BUI-Ready.
    • Profiles using workflow and they might have some gaps which don't allow them to start with BUI.
    • Profiles tied to an add-in, which requires add-in conversion.

    You might be ready for the Agent Browser UI, or you might be found a few gaps that can be easily worked around. The only way to answer this question is enabling Agent Browser UI and testing it; however, this report will give you a macro view where to start. Plus, there is a compiled list of tips you should consider in this journey.

    To find this tool, log into the Oracle Service Cloud Support site, go to “My Site Tools,” and look under ‘Additional Tools’ on the left-side-hand to find Browser UI Readiness Assessment Tools under Additional Tool.

    Step 1. Log into the Oracle Service Cloud Support site. Go to My Site Tools and pick 'Browser UI Readiness Assessment Tools' under Additional Tools.


    Step 2. Select Your Site > Click in Next


    Step 3. Report Results 

    We hope this helps your migration, and I am looking forward to seeing what you think of the Agent Browser UI.

    Your questions are welcome. And if you have started to use the Browser UI, please leave your comment with your insights and experience to inspire other partners and customer to join us in Browser UI.



    • Jess Campbell

      There's the rub...

      • Profiles using workflow and they might have some gaps which don't allow them to start with BUI. 100%
      • Profiles tied to an add-in, which requires add-in conversion.100%
    • Edson Junior

      Hi Jess,

      I am happy to see that you did your assessment. Workflow requires further investigation in order to confirm whether or not the current gap features are blockers for your implementation at this moment. There are just a few gaps that you can see in the answer 817 and  Oracle is working hard to deliver it in the upcoming versions.

      For the add-ins, it is essential to understand how many add-ins need to be converted and a phased approach might help to mitigate risks. (as a suggestion)

      Another alternative to early adopts BUI to confirm whether all agents tied to these profiles are workflow and add-in dependents. I mean, there are cases where profiles might be reviewed to unlock those who do not require workflow and add-in in their activities.

      There is no problem in wait for the gaps to be filled before starting a BUI migration, all comments here are insights to help on early adoption if that is the case.

      Please, feel you free to send any question, lessons learned, or advice here. The only goal here is to share and help our community to get to BUI. smiley

      I am more than happy to help.

      Thanks, Edson

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      So far I have only been testing BUI but we never used it in production. I love the No installation plus additional platform support (no downloading a client).

      I think this is great and you sharing this is another reason for us to consider it. 

      Thank you so much!