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    Team work activity creation from external source
    Idea posted June 16, 2017 by Vivek KumarWhiz, tagged Field Service 
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    Team work activity creation from external source
    User Story / Description:

    Dear All,

    In the current release the Team work activities are something which could be created on the resource level only and not on the bucket level. Also the activity types created with team work feature doesn't show on the activity type list unless an resource is assigned to any other resource.

    Now the challenge we face is there are some specific activity types which will always need teamwork and these activities are of great volume. And instead of creating them manually I want to create them from our CRM system. But the issue is now these activities can not be created on bucket and can only be created on resource. So large volume of activities have to be created manually by the dispatcher which consumes to much of time.

    My suggestion is to allow creation of these Team work activities type through external source like the other activity types. Although assigning team for these activities will be manual work but it wont be that much time consuming as the creation and then team assigning.


    Vivek Kumar



    • Zsolt

      Hi Vivek,

      You can make a new activity type "Assisting" (not an internal one) and link that activity to the main activity (for example "Install") when creating through Inbound interface. Those activity pairs will connected to each other and moving with the correspondent logic in the time lines. Routing also able to assign them, but maybe other enhancements also need to be done, for example new skills to separate the guys for individual types.