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    [Delivered] Facebook "Send Us Your Question" tab
    Idea posted June 16, 2013 by Tony WaiJourneyer, last edited August 11, 2017 by Jerremy TownsendJourneyer, tagged Social Monitor, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Facebook "Send Us Your Question" tab
    User Story / Description:

    Currently when a client access our Facebook Knowledgebase app, it allows them to select Send Us Your Question and then lead to MyAccount information. Currently there are two ideas about this:

    i) enable our ability to customize the "Send Us Your Questions" form in facebook. Currently, its displaying all available fields (standard & customized fields) in the form;

    ii) enable our ability to disable the "Send Us Your Question" tab and disable from client view. We want to limit our facebook audience the ability to search knowledgebase only. 





    • Jeremy Kembel

      Tony - this is currently in development. We are updating the Facebook application to use standard Customer Portal pages and widgets, which can be edited and extended as necessary to do exactly the sorts of things you mention here. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Kathy Neff

      Regarding the 2nd request, in your site configuration, check out the value for FACEBOOK_INCIDENTS_ENABLED - if you set this to 'No' it should remove the tab that allows incidents to be submitted from within the Facebook application.

    • Tony Wai

      Thank Jeremy and Kathy for the advise. The FACEBOOK_INCIDENTS_ENABLED actually solved my immediate issue ! My institution has decided to switch off MyAccount function on CP (pending for SSO) and I was trying to restrict clients' access into their MyAccount via facebook. Ideally we would still allow them to submit incidents via facebook but not to access their MyAccount. Is that do-able in the DEV?

    • Jeremy Kembel

      The iteration currently in development will be able to do this, yes. You can own, extend, and modify the pages in exactly the same way that you currently do in customer portal, since the new iteration is, in fact, standard customer portal pages.

    • Chris Cahill

      i) is very important to us

    • Andy Johnson

      Option i) would allow flexibility on what fields are displayed and give us more control.

    • Àlex Camps

      Anyone has any update about these features?

      Best regards

    • Jerremy Townsend

      Facebook for Self Service will fulfill this idea.  Social Monitor (which use to be referred to as Cloud Monitor) is not meeting the majority of customers requirements and not gaining adoption, therefore we will be focusing on our SRM integration instead of enhancing the current social monitor capabilities.  Please check out our SRM accelerator for more information.

      Jerremy Townsend

      Oracle Service Cloud Product Management