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    Andy Townshend
    Post survey response values to Survey Sessions table without...
    Topic posted February 13, 2018 by Andy TownshendApprentice 
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    Post survey response values to Survey Sessions table without survey link

    My organization is looking to integrate our ticket satisfaction survey experience into our Ticket Detail page.

    After a customer logs into their account page that displays all of their tickets, clicking a ticket here opens the Ticket Detail page which displays the message thread and some ticket data.

    Currently when one of our agent sets a customer's ticket to solved they are shortly sent an invitation to a survey. Instead, we would like this button to be embedded on the Ticket Detail page once it is set to solved, so that it is available to the customer when reading their answer - this also ensures that they have seen their answer before the option to be surveyed. But when clicking the survey button, rather than refreshing or opening a new page when the button is clicked, we want to expand a section on the current page to show the survey questions. We are aware of how to make the button into a link, but prefer the customer experience of staying on the current page.


    I am seeking to input their selections to the database using the Connect PHP api, but I couldn't locate anything related to the survey table on the Connect Object Explorer. I know the Question IDs and values I am attempting to send, but can't find the correct tables.


    Does anyone have any clues as to how to manually write survey answers to the Survey Sessions table without following the survey link and submitting through that?

    Customer Portal - Framework 3.6



    • Gursimran Singh Saini
      1. Generate Survey URL:
         $surveyUrl = $this->Survey->buildSurveyURL($surveyID, $contactID, $incidentID, null, null);
      2. Create an Iframe and set Iframe src = $surveyUrl
      3. Show the Iframe when Incident is Solved


      And no, Survey Sessions table isn't available in any API.