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    Kati Middleton
    Answer 155 has incorrect hyperlink in-line reference
    Topic posted July 26, 2018 by Kati MiddletonRegular 
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    Answer 155 has incorrect hyperlink in-line reference

    I'm not sure who reviews the answers that get posted in the Support board, or if this the right place to put this, but Answer ID 155 is referencing Answer 8923 ("How do Custom Objects and Custom Field Deployments work?") right above the line break, but the hyperlink directs to Answer 2380 ("How can we improve the speed and performance when searching from the administration console?"). It's not a huge deal, as typing in the correct Answer ID is the workaround, but for navigation purposes, it would be beneficial to have the correct link on the page.

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    • Levi D.

      Hi Kati,

      If you encounter an issue with an answer on you may report the issue on that answer's page.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is "Was this answer helpful?" question, answer "No" to this and provide details of the issue.  No need to do this for answer 155 though as it has already been addressed.

    • Kati Middleton

      Thank you, Levi - I thought that was the route to go, I just wouldn't consider the answer not helpful, so I decided to go this route. I will do that for any other feedback on specific Answers though in the future.