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    Joe P.
    Links in Posts Not Available?
    Topic posted August 4, 2016 by Joe P.Whiz 
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    Links in Posts Not Available?

    Many times I see member post links to relevant OSC information (FAQ) and I click on the link and get this: 

    Not available This answer is no longer available.

    Am I missing something?  Is there a higher level of access needed to view this info?  If so, how do I get it?



    FEB 2015



    • eleep

      Thanks for posting and asking this important question, Joe! While the Community and documentation is open to everyone, the Support Knowledge base has SLA's tied to its answers, because it's part of the support packages that customers buy. So the reason you can't access this answer is that this particular answer requires a SLA. Read here for more details on how access levels work:

      I'd recommend talking to your Service Cloud administrator and ask if s/he can add you as a support contact.

      Hope that helps and that you can work with someone on your team to get the appropriate access!

      Erica, Community Manager
    • Mike Cartwright

      Thanks for the info, Erica. I've been wondering the same. Most of the time, I find threads that contain relevant links that don't seem to work.