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    Add "exit this function" action to business rule...
    Idea posted July 13, 2018 by Mig PonceApprentice, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration 
    Add "exit this function" action to business rule actions
    User Story / Description:

    A number of times and in different sites, I've had a need for a business rule option: "exit this function". I feel like it's an oversight to not have it there.

    Here's an example. Say I have the following in my business rules:

    • State 1
      • Rule 1, which transitions to State 2
    • State 2
      • Rule 2, which calls Function A
      • Rule 3, which calls Function B
      • Rule 4, which calls Function C
      • Rule 5, which transitions to State 3
    • State 3 
    • Function A (contains several rules: u, v, w, x, y z)
    • Function B (contains several rules)
    • Function C (contains several rules)


    For rule actions, my options include: Stop processing rules; call function; transition state and stop; transition state and continue. What I would like here is this sequence:

    1. Rule1 returns true; incident gets transitioned to State 2.
    2. Rule 2 calls Function A
    3. As Function A is getting processed, the rules engine checks against rules u, v, w, x, y, and z.
    4. I would like it where if rule 'w' returns true-- exit the function; the rules engine then goes back to where it was in State 2 and the next thing that happens is Rule 3.    

      In my example here, I specifically do not want it to stop processing rules... I want it to continue and run through Functions B and C. I also specifically do not want to transition to another state. I really want it to just... quit out of that function. It seems like that should be a choice there.