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    PlugIn to accept MadCap Flare Content
    Idea posted June 18, 2017 by Debra TimmersRegular, tagged Knowledge Foundation 
    PlugIn to accept MadCap Flare Content
    User Story / Description:

    As a content owner I would like to have a plugin so that I can automatically publish content that was created in MadCap Flare into Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Foundation.  Currently there is a plugin for SalesForce Knowledge. 

    I like using MadCap Flare for content because I can reuse content in many ways, saving much authorship time.  Unfortunately, I don't have that capability with my Answers in Oracle Service Cloud.  I end up having to copy and paste, maintaining my images separately, and then have to watch for changes in brochures which then requires me to change the content manually in the OSvC KnowledgeBase.

    Would Oracle be willing to work on such a PlugIn with MadCap?