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    Best Practice for Providing Knowledge Base Articles /...
    Topic posted May 16, 2018 by JLFolkmanMaster 
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    Best Practice for Providing Knowledge Base Articles / Documentation to Customers

    Has anyone allowed customers to view the knowledge base articles / documentation prior to logging into the Customer Portal? We would like to allow our customers the ability to view KBs prior to logging in but still require them to log in to access the full support site. Thanks!



    • Carl Elliott

      That is a pretty common practice.  You leave the login required off on the Home, answer list and answer detail pages and turn it on for the other pages, when they try and get to a login required page it takes them to to login page.  You can also implement Access Levels if needed to limit the knowledge base articles that are shown to the general public.  

    • Anthony Smith

      Absolutely. As far as contact reduction goes, hiding answers behind a login will not do much for you.

      There needs to be a massive incentive for customers to log in, otherwise they'll just email you or call. Having answers available without authentication and indexed by google will make a much bigger impact on your contact avoidance figures.