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    [Delivered] Calendar Extract for Oracle Field Service
    Idea posted April 16, 2015 by Werner BurginRookie, last edited May 18, 2015 by John RanalliRegular, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Calendar Extract for Oracle Field Service
    User Story / Description:

    As a work force planner, I need to be able to extract the complete field force calendar information so that i can easily complete an audit of the calendar information against roster records using our intern BI tool.

    Originaly this was suggested to be a part of the History API but this is not supported as per the SDK document.



    • John Ranalli

      Hi Werner,

      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      The Resource Management API ‘get_resource_calendar’ method allows you to extract calendars assigned to a resource. If this will not meet your needs, please provide additional information to help us better understand your request. It would be helpful to have the following answered:

      Provide a description of your enhancement/feature request:
      Who would be the users of this enhancement/feature request:
      What business challenge would this enhancement/feature request solve:
      How would you like the enhancement/feature to work:

      Thanks again for your feedback.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Dima Buldakov

      Hi Werner, 

      I have a follow up question about the idea.

      When you saying "complete field force calendar information", do you mean information like shift name, working hours start/end, lunch duration and time slot, or you are mean something like ability to export complete routes, including all the activities in a .ics or a similar format, that provides ability to import entire technician(s) day into a calendar application?


    • Werner Burgin

      Thanks for you responses to this question.  After being provided the Resource Management API documentation it would seem that Johns advice fits our needs perfectly.  We will be expanding on our current use of this API to provide the information required.