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    Idea Lab Update: We're re-investing in this channel and...
    Topic posted May 11, 2015 by eleepHero 
    Idea Lab Update: We're re-investing in this channel and hope you'll join us there!


    I wanted to share an update on the Idea Lab. I've actually been deferring this update because I want to start by showing you the improvements in the Idea Lab, rather than telling you about them. However, there have been quite a few questions about how it works (and whether it works), so I decided that it's time to explain where we have been, what we're working towards, and why it makes sense to continue collaborating in the Idea Lab.

    We launched the Idea Lab in 2009 and were excited to get customer feedback via this new channel that allowed for more meaningful collaboration and prioritization. There were definitely challenges to this new channel, but overall, it represented a significant step forward.  Upon the acquisition, we lost clear ownership of the community, and for that we apologize since this negatively impacted your experience in the community and Idea Lab.

    Since we value your feedback, we have recently been working diligently to reinvigorate the community, including the Idea Lab. Our initial efforts in the Idea Lab have been focused around clean-up and updates, specifically:

    • Updated tags
    • Updated statuses 
    • Update page about how the Idea Lab works, idea submission guidelines, status definitions, and evaluation criteria
    • Enabled PM to make status updates and update tags on ideas as necessary
    • Trained PM on Idea Lab moderation, making status updates, what kind of details to include in comments, etc. 
    • Had an initial internal effort of cleaning up the Idea Lab, which resulted in status updates to 200+ ideas (63 delivered ideas, 62 duplicate ideas, 8 ideas in development, 43 ideas under consideration, and 25 ideas not planned plus lots of PM comments on ideas). Obviously, there is more clean-up needed and planned, but this was a solid step towards cleaning up existing ideas (and thereby making the undelivered ideas more readily visible), communicating statuses back to you, and collaborating with you. 
    • Working to add status updates to top ideas, so at least you know where these stand on our product roadmap
    • Working to put backend processes in place to help ensure more consistent status updates to ideas

    In addition, going forward we want to ensure we have the right balance between enhancement requests from the Idea Lab, other feedback channels (e.g. Customer Support, Customer Advisory Boards), and exciting new capabilities like those we have delivered recently (e.g. Enhanced Cobrowse, Engagement Engine, Experience Routing, Social Monitoring, Collaboration, Browser UI). To this end, you should be seeing increased participation from Product Managers in the Idea Lab as they reply to and act on your feedback.

    Hopefully these initial efforts and this update reiterate our commitment to this channel. In the meantime, I'm asking you to give this change process some time and give the Idea Lab a chance (or another chance). We have an exciting backlog of capabilities coming in May and August and are actively looking at November and February priorities. Give us your feedback in the Idea Lab. If you aren't sold, we understand if you want to sit a couple rounds out and see how it goes before giving more of your valuable time or contributions. Whatever your decision, we ask that your feedback and contributions adhere to the Community Guidelines and stay on topic by providing any feedback in this thread or in the Site Feedback forum.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued interest in improving the product.

    Hope to see you in the Idea Lab!