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    Ability to DELETE & UPDATE Chat records
    Idea posted April 30, 2018 by VenkatWhiz, last edited May 1, 2018, tagged Agent Desktop, Chat, Customer Portal, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Ability to DELETE & UPDATE Chat records
    User Story / Description:

    With the new GDPR regulations for Europe region, whenever a customer requests to delete their personal information, we have to delete all the data (Contact, Incidents & Chat records) from the system. As of today, only option to delete Chat data is using ageddatabase utility. To comply with this new regulation agents/admins must have the ability to DELETE the chat records/data or atleast have the capability to update (anonymize) the chat records/data.



    • JessicaB

      Hello Venkat & interested Idea Lab contributors!

      I wanted to circle back around on this idea so the link to Venkat's initial forum post is provided: "Delete chat records from the system". That way there is some context around what can be done today and how this idea came about.