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    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules...
    Idea posted June 10, 2010 by Jacqueline KelleherWhiz, last edited October 16, 2014 by Vimal ChopraApprentice, tagged Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules and their conditions/contents
    User Story / Description:

    Can you please provide a report which gives a list of all the incident rules and their contents?  It would be great to get this as a Standard Report as I think all system administrators would find this useful.

    As a systems administrator I am trying to review all our incident rules and clean them up but there are over 200 just for one region!  It has been very manual to map out the incident rules before the clean up.

    As we have such a large number of Countries and Languages in Europe we have a lot of incident rules.  I need to review the rules to make sure they are still set up correctly after changes to our call centre structure and that they are in the right order.

    As some rules have many "If" and "Then" conditions in them it's hard to find what I need when I need to change just one little thing as there are just so many rules.  For example, if all incidents from France are now going to be handled by a different team, I need to be able to see all the rules that have France in the "If" or "Then" statements.  I am limited in the information I can put in a rule name to help me find what I need.

    This report would be a life saver and would save administrators a lot of time when they have to review their rules or make changes to rules or to get an overview of the rules for a management team.

    I hope that my idea will be considered :-)

    Thanks, Jacqueline Kelleher


    • Amarinder

      I strongly agree to the comments given by Jacqueline.


      Organisations havings thousands of Rules find it very difficult to manage the rules. It is also time consuming to find out the rules. Since the rules are not cached on the machines, every request to open a rule takes alot of time. If one has to go through the rule base of 200 Rules, it will take him at least 1 full day to go through them.


      Amarinder Singh


    • Kurt Helfrich

      This would be a great addition.  I've needed it before, and now I need it again.

    • Bhagwan Singh Mer

      This is a MUST HAVE . I would also add onto it by providing capability to report on WHO has made changes in rule i.e. kind of audit log 

    • MWanuga

       I concur.  We also have very many rules.  There are times when we would like to be able to search and replace an email address within the rules, as an example.  Running a report and searching the results would be a real time saver. 

      Finding something from within the rules without having any idea where it might be can take an awful lot of time.

    • Cathy Switzer

      At a minimum: Read Only, offline (i.e. not from live db, but from reporting warehouse) access to the following Tables: Rules (rules), Rule Conditions (ruleconds), Rule Action (ruleacts), Rule States (rule_states), Rule State Transitions (rule_state_xitions). Then I can build my own solution to document the rules.

    • AllisonK

      Agreed, this would be a killer admin feature.  Does anyone from RightNow plan to respond to this?

    • Mark Ericson

      Thanks everyone for taking the time to let us know that this feature is valuable to you.   Your use cases are also very helpful.

      I'm actively working on the rules roadmap, so this is very useful input to that effort, and something I will be sure to include in the requirements.

    • Karen Glynn

      Couldn't agree more, and not just Incident Rules - any of the rules would be good.

      It would also be good for admins to easily report on the Systems Configuration areas like Settings for example. 

    • Johnmar Bertes

       I agree with you all people. This would be a life saver.

    • wundys

      This would be a tremendous time saver.  Having to manually document the rules is time consuming and prone to errors.

    • AllisonK
      Mark Ericson said:

      Thanks everyone for taking the time to let us know that this feature is valuable to you.   Your use cases are also very helpful.

      I'm actively working on the rules roadmap, so this is very useful input to that effort, and something I will be sure to include in the requirements.

       Hi Mark,


      Where did this request land on the roadmap? 





    • Mark Ericson

      Presuming that the request here is for "business rules" (sometimes called incident rules or server rules) this is definitely a priority on our roadmap.   We don't yet have a  date for this functionality, but we are actively collecting requirements, designing and prototyping the capabilities.

      The priority is to improve the usability, manageability and functionality of rules.   Perhaps with something more "visual" to make it easier to modeland maintain your processes!?

      It seems that most use cases for business rules are routing and escalation.  There are also seems to be many use cases that are levaraging business rules for business process automation / workflow use cases.

      I would highly value your use cases and enhancement requests for business rules as we design enhancements that would including imrpoved capabilities and reporting for your rules.

      Feel free to drop me a message via the community with your needs.


    • Ashley Wilson

      Any progress on this feature? We are currently doing an audit of our rulebases, and this would be invaluable to our efforts.

      The data dictionary shows many tables related to rules, but none of them are accessible in reports, which makes no sense. Manually going through each and every rule will take too many man-hours, so please let us know when we can expect to see this going live.

    • kgrady209

      This feature would be amazing, I have recently be tasked with documenting our incident routing flow/requirements and looking at all the rules can be very overwhelming.  We have been using this product for 10+ years so we have a lot of rules.

    • Jennifer

       Agreed, this is something that would make auditing our business rules much quicker. Any update on this?