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    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules...
    Idea posted June 10, 2010 by Jacqueline KelleherWhiz, last edited October 16, 2014 by Vimal ChopraApprentice, tagged Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules and their conditions/contents
    User Story / Description:

    Can you please provide a report which gives a list of all the incident rules and their contents?  It would be great to get this as a Standard Report as I think all system administrators would find this useful.

    As a systems administrator I am trying to review all our incident rules and clean them up but there are over 200 just for one region!  It has been very manual to map out the incident rules before the clean up.

    As we have such a large number of Countries and Languages in Europe we have a lot of incident rules.  I need to review the rules to make sure they are still set up correctly after changes to our call centre structure and that they are in the right order.

    As some rules have many "If" and "Then" conditions in them it's hard to find what I need when I need to change just one little thing as there are just so many rules.  For example, if all incidents from France are now going to be handled by a different team, I need to be able to see all the rules that have France in the "If" or "Then" statements.  I am limited in the information I can put in a rule name to help me find what I need.

    This report would be a life saver and would save administrators a lot of time when they have to review their rules or make changes to rules or to get an overview of the rules for a management team.

    I hope that my idea will be considered :-)

    Thanks, Jacqueline Kelleher


    • Martin Sang-A-Jong

      The abillity to export the (parts of)rule set and then import them again in a different site would also be nice.


    • Danette Driscoll

      I'm on board with this change!!  We are making major edits to our rule base and needing to do field mapping for what already exists.  The inability to export rules will cause excessive additional work to do what should be a simple task!  Looking forward to an update!

    • Mohana Gopal

      We need this feature.

    • ClaireB

      Wow, when I got an email to say there was a new comment on this it's made me realise how long all Oracle's customers have been making this same request - 7 years, and we still don't know if it'll ever become a standard database function. Sounds like what we would all love to have is a technical Holy Grail :(     I'm keeping my fingers crossed though...

    • Kincaid

      Our admin team definitely remains hungry for the capacity to report the Business Rules contents (both to be able to sort and filter parts of the logic framework and to be able to keep close tabs on db and field references as they change to reflect our evolving business). The more fluid your rules are, the more essential this sort of (absent) capacity feels. 

      Now, Oracle's recent release of the Report Manager has been a great boon in terms of helping us keep alert to changes which may affect our huge battery of active reports so that we can keep them healthy and viable.

      So...In addition to that full raw rules export capacity, we'd also benefit from a similar reporting access that the Report Manager affords.

      ie report on all the biz rules with db reference incidents.product = 123 [widgets]  ....or ...

      show me all the rules in state 02 that were edited by Josh in the past 30 days.

      That sort of quick-analysis tool set can really be a lifesaver.


    • Hyman Tanner

      I need this functionality, today, not months or years from now.  PLEASE support your customers need and provide this functionality in the next update!

    • Danette Beal

      HI All, 

      We're a bit closer on this functionality. Check out the new August 2017 release information.


      Danette, Community Manager


    • Pavol Procka

      Looks like this idea is liked and the functionality desired by many, but Oracle does not seem to agree since the last post from them was July 2012 where it said it would be a "priority on the roadmap"... 5 years and no news on this front does not seem a very high priority indeed.

      I am no pro, but somehow I find it difficult to believe that with Oracle's resources, this should take more than 6 years :(

    • Gregg Kosel

      The Oracle folks can correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the new Rules 2.0 that is coming out in the August 2017 release has this functionality albeit only for Custom Objects for this release. But hopefully, they will be adding the other rules types to the new Rules 2.0 very soon if not November?????

      Here is the information that I am referring to. This says that it is only for the Agent Browser UI, but I hope they release this for those who do not use the Agent Browser UI too. Any Oracle folks want to comment on this?


      Business Rules 2.0 is an exciting new innovation driven by customer requests. Business Rules 2.0 gives the business rule editor in Oracle Service Cloud a new, intuitive and modern look. With this new feature, custom objects now support business rules. Additionally, administrators now have the capability to search and report on business objects. This allows administrators to search for rules and values used within rules.


      In the August 2017 release, Business Rules only works with custom objects. The Rules Designer only works in the Agent Browser UI.


    • Kevin Peebles

      So having viewed the MSE2017 video  from April 2017 that indicated that Rules 2.0 will provide a better interface & search function (only for those using the incomplete BUI) at some undetermined point in the future (still yet to be committed to), please can someone from Oracle explain why it isn't at least possible to expose the various RULES tables listed in the data dictionary to Analytics or ROQL? That way, the many admins that are desperate to be able to better manage their rules bases could just get on with it themselves? It seems crazy and is very frustrating that we can see the tables with the necessary data there in front of us, but we can't look at or touch it!?  sad

      In the past 7 years since this idea was suggested, is there still really no practical method to search/analyse/export the many rules created by Oracle customers?

      An informed Oracle response would really be appreciated!

    • Allan Ross

      I agree with ALL of the comments made by everyone over the past 8 years. The ability to have an overall view of the rules set up for a site is vital. We are currently attempting a review of all rules set in our site configuration and it appears the only way of achieving this is to view each rule individually and record them MANUALLY in some sort of external spread sheet or such like. Surely it is possible to create some way of reporting ALL rules set up in a sites configuration to save customers many hours of work?

    • Bard Parnell

      This would be especially useful as we use an existing setup to rollout to a new region. Export the rules, evaluate need, and adapt for new rollout.

    • David Strong

      I administer to 15 current client who all have different sets of rules. Some are vast due to prior users who do not know best practices for rules and has made a mess.

      The option to view in an export would save thousands of hours or trying to follow all the parts of these rules.

      Please take into consideration the idea of linking the rules from one to another. A hyperlink of sorts to follow a path in a set of rules. When a site has around 500 functions, trying to follow them up and down is very time consuming.

    • Vanessa Barrett

      This is an absolute necessity for all organisations to be able to administer/audit CX in any kind of timely manner. Could we please have an update on the progress of this?