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    Meet our "Summer Hero" Simon Kilgarriff, Capgemini
    Entry posted September 27, 2017 by eleepHero, last edited October 12, 2017, tagged Member Spotlight 
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    Meet our "Summer Hero" Simon Kilgarriff, Capgemini

    Did the summer fly as fast for you as it did for us? Before summer slips any farther into our memory, we wanted to congratulate and introduce you to our “Hero of the Summer”—Simon Kilgarriff from Capgemini. 

    Simon has been fighting customer service crime for years but only recently revealed his identity as a customer service hero. When he isn’t busy guiding implementations and showing customers the “art of the possible,” he is rocking the Hero Hub, like sharing his advice with rogue agent behavior; when to create custom workspaces vs. consolidate workspaces; and  the balance between automation and the personal touch. You’ll also find Simon sharing his expertise in thoughtful responses in the Community and most recently, has generously contributed four report recipes in the Analytics Cookbook based on common client requests.

    Keep reading to get to know Simon and his Oracle Service Cloud journey.

    Simon KalgarriffCompany: With more than 190,000 people, Capgemini is present in over 40 countries and celebrates its 50th Anniversary year in 2017. A Cloud Premier Diamond Partner, we are proud to have been working hand-in-hand with Oracle for over 20 years. Our extensive capabilities empowered by Oracle’s cutting-edge technologies in areas of cloud and digital help to meet unique needs of the clients. With our comprehensive and fully integrated suite of Oracle cloud applications including PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and other technologies, we help customers transform their businesses.  

    How and when did you first learn about Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)?

    Back in December 2009, I was looking for a job, and a friend suggested a role at RightNow.  I read the job specification and thought I could only tick about half the boxes but applied anyway – ‘the cloud’ seemed like a good area to be involved in. 

    The first week on the job was product training by one of the consultants—Mark Kehoe. That was the most training I ever received on Oracle Service Cloud. The rest would be picked up on the job and the odd mandatory learning module.  Most weeks I learn new things about Service Cloud.  It always amazes me there is so much to learn and improve on for just one element of the CX suite.     

    What is your role at Capgemini?

    I joined Capgemini as a Senior Consultant to build their Oracle CX practice in the UK.  I’ve had the chance to learn about other Oracle CX products like OPA and CPQ, which has been great too.

    What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

    ROI is the figure everyone wants to measure, but for me, it’s really satisfying is to make a tangible, positive difference to customers and agents alike. Hearing an agent say, “Wow, that has made things so much easier,” is great to hear and a testament to the product. I couldn’t have worked for as long as I have delivering a product that is not really good at what it does.

    Why do you participate in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub? 

    Sometimes you can get a blinkered view, and there are lots of different ways of doings things, so it is good to keep challenging myself and see different perspectives on a topic.  I’d also like to think in over 8 years, I might have learned a few things and can contribute some thoughts here and there. The fun topics are a nice touch.  

    What is something that you’re proud of in your time of using Oracle Service Cloud?

    One thing I am proud of is being at the forefront of Engagement Engine and Service Cloud implementations in the UK. During my time at Oracle, we had one of the first Engagement Engine projects with Service Cloud. There was a lot of pressure to go-live before a major sporting event in the UK. However, the solution was still new, so we had to learn a lot fast and there were some “teething problems.” After that project, more and more Engagement Engine projects came my way, and I became one of the most knowledgeable consultants in the UK on Engagement Engine. I tried to be sure to share my knowledge along the way and get other folks up to speed.

    Report on Chat Origins with Engagement EngineHow have you used Oracle Service Cloud to solve a business problem?

    I’ll stick with the Engagement Engine theme. I’ve had many customers who use Engagement Engine to initiate chat sessions want to know which pages generate the most chat sessions. I came up with a simple but effective solution to populate an incident custom field with the HTML page title to make reporting on the origins of chat sessions much easier. Keep in mind you can update the Widget ID to contain a unique name (e.g. SPAC-furniture), which makes the Chat Offer Effectiveness & ROI report more useful, but it still doesn't provide insight into detailed pages (e.g. SPAC-bed-wrought-iron).


    Here’s a demo of my Engagement Engine solution and a report recipe I created for the Analytics Cookbook. This report shows the number of chats that have taken place (and created an incident) and their origin based on the document title of the webpage or origin for the past 7 days.

    What do you like to do on your days off?

    A day off? What does one of those look like? Being a father to 4 year old triplets is a full time job.  It is no surprise the days off from work (the kind where I get paid) are spent with the family. The dynamics have changed now as the children have started school and they will value their time off at the weekends more so. 

    What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

    It sounds like a simple question, but then I found myself deep in thought, “What is the definition of ‘the best vacation’?” Initially, I thought of amazing adventures I’ve had in the past. Whilst amazing, I’d been on my own and had no one to share and re-live the memories.  So I discounted those from ‘my best.’  Then the most recent holiday with my family on a road trip through France, a week in Switzerland and a week in Italy was the best holiday since there were great times and memories for all. Seeing the children play, have fun and have exposure to different places, languages and cultures was great to see.  A holiday for me isn’t a relaxing affair, but then again neither is staying at home – so why not take it on the road and at least give our poor neighbours some peace and quiet? 


    Congratulations Simon, and thank you for sharing your journey (and a glimpse into life with triplets!) with the broader community.

    We hope these spotlights inspire you to keep finding new, different ways to drive results with Oracle Service Cloud, grow your career and give back to help others. Want be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we look at active participants in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature.