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    Urgent routing should provide an option of whether to pull...
    Idea posted September 4, 2018 by Jamie WatsonExplorer, tagged Field Service, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Urgent routing should provide an option of whether to pull tasks from Non-scheduled
    User Story / Description:

    We recently started using Urgent Routing and have found that it pulls tasks from the Non-scheduled pool of tasks. Our technicians refer tasks to Non-scheduled for multiple reasons, often because the task needs to be dispatched to another type of tech. Automatically re-routing the task to the same type of tech provides no benefit to us, and actually can cause us to miss the task since we don't get the chance to review it before it's routed to the wrong tech. We need the chance to change the skill and/or manually route the task to the proper tech.

    We're proposing that pulling tasks from non-scheduled should be an option to be decided by the company using the feature.

    Please reference ticket 180824-000087: Urgent Routing pulled task fron Non-Scheduled for more information regarding our situation.



    • Chris Phillips

      Hi Jamie.

      Do you have any examples of your current configuration that you could share? I'm wondering if you could create a filter that identifies the activities that are scheduled and exclude non-scheduled. We do this using the Service Window property. Also, if an activity needs a particular type of technician, that should be identified by skill, or you could use a resource filter to assign them to another type of technician that you can identify with a property.




    • Jamie Watson

      Hi Chris,

      Sure, I can share our configuration with you. To prevent it from being public, though, is there somewhere I can send it to?

      And, a filter may work, but I cannot find the property you mentioned in our filter conditions. I have Service Window Start and Service Window End, but neither has the option for Non-scheduled, so I assume I should be seeing the field simply labeled "Service Window"?

    • Zsolt

      Hi Guys,

      Yes, private messaging also possible here, select his name, then "Send Chris Phillips a message".