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    Nate Hossner, Oracle
    What’s Waiting for You in Oracle Service Cloud August 2017
    Entry posted October 23, 2017 by Nate Hossner, OracleWhiz, tagged Product / Product Release 
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    What’s Waiting for You in Oracle Service Cloud August 2017
    I'm stepping a bit outside my usual role of facilitating the logistical aspects of Oracle Service Cloud upgrades to highlight some of the new features in the August release. I plan to do a similar post a month or two after every quarterly release.

    Most Service Cloud customers will be upgrading to the August release sometime in the next two months. In thinking about this new release, there are a few things I wanted to share about new features and changes.

    One popular feature we are hearing customers ask about is the new bulk delete API function that’s now available as part of Connect 1.4. This is good solution for customers that have thousands (or millions!) of unnecessary contact records that are bogging down reports or affecting performance and are looking for a way to purge this data. Future releases will include delete capabilities for other object types.

    Another useful feature is CPM logging, which addresses a long-standing customer request for a more robust logging framework to assist with CPM (Custom Process Model) debugging. The feature can be enabled through a configuration setting and the CPM logs can be retrieved through the new ‘Probe Designer,’ which is available through the Browser User Interface.

    My upgrade team is looking forward to the new mailbox editor, which lets administrators make site-wide mailbox changes from a single interface, instead of logging into every individual interface. For those who test email as part of an upgrade, this will be a major time-saver!

    In terms of product changes (as opposed to additions), there aren’t many, which makes upgrading even easier. A look through the release notes for Connect Web Services, Connect PHP, and the Desktop Add-In Framework shows there are no changes, just additional features. And no changes to workstation requirements either.

    For more documentation on the August release, take a look at the What’s New document and Release Resources.

    If you’re ready to make the move, make sure to check out our best practices for testing an upgrade. You can use this link to request an upgrade to the August release. 

    If you have other insights on the August release, or subjects that you'd like me to cover in future posts, I'd love to hear about them in the comments section.



    • Luis Melo

      The features that excite me the most were Guided Assistance, OPA Integration and Report Inline Editing for the Browser UI and Business Rules 2.0.

      The new stuff available from the Configuration assistant - like the ability to enable BUI - is also very useful

    • Colin Campbell

      Thanks Nate.

      i'm looking forward to checking out the Bulk Delete API, especially usefull for removing all the test records that are created in Deployment.  I've just started looking more indepth at OPA and it's good to see additional functionality also being included :)

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      I'm very excited to start using the bulk delete API, I discussed this with one of the project owner in las vegas and got some info about it. Also, I would like to see the new version of business rules.

    • Varun Srinivasan

      We do have a lot of contacts that are obsolete at times and need to be deleted, the new bulk delete API is a very good option.

      I also am looking into the BUI and would like to have all the functionalities enabled into BUI as in the agent desktop.


    • Ivan Abaitey

      I have started working with guided assistance and in my opinion it is the most important component available at the moment. Being able to use the console over the browser has also benefited out remote agents a lot. 

    • Ajay John

      Excited about some of the new enhancements on the Communities product such as the ability for adding attachments.

    • Rasheed Ahamed

      Looking forward to use Bulk Delete API, Business Rules 2.0(using Custom Objects), File Attachment option and last but not least the enriching CK Editor (as a default text editor) gives customer more advantage to present their questions to the community.

    • Andrew Wooster

      I am excited to see what the Business Rules 2.0 has to offer!

    • Thomas Erdahl

      Looking forward to the new mailbox editor and business rules 2.0 when we get our upgrade site!

    • CherylK

      Business Rules 2.0 and CPM logging are great additions!

    • JustRhianna

      Hurray for CPM logging. We have done a lot of jumping through hoops in the past to build logging. Very exciting!

    • Lorna

      Business Rules 2.0, CPM logging :D