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    Chris Phillips
    Routing to Group Jobs at the same site
    Topic posted August 15, 2018 by Chris PhillipsExplorer 
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    Routing to Group Jobs at the same site

    Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to develop a routing plan (or set of routing plans) that ensures that all opportunities to schedule jobs together which are at the same location are taken.

    As a business, we are willing to compromise on SLA if it means completing work at the same site.

    We need to be able to plan at least a week (or ideally more) ahead, and schedule a series of non-scheduled (without time slot) activities at the same site together. The idea being that if there is work to be done on the site, we would keep a technician there all day ideally.


    Has anybody achieved a similar output before? If so can you please share some explanation of the configuration you used to achieve this?



    Kind Regards


    18B/ 18C



    • Jeffry Husman

      Hey Chris,

      I thought these Use Case can be achieved by enabling the Visit functionality and stating/defining what Activity properties required for  the visit bundling keys, these are need to be defined in Business Rules. The Visit bundling key can be use such as address field. 

      Next, create the activity filters (you can specify which non schedule activity in the conditions) that is required for the Routing Plan, then create a immediate routing plan for the activities that correspond to the filters that has been created before. Use the Assignment and Bundling keys within (7 days?) interval starting fields to configure this.

      Hope that work...