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    Upload image from gallery (stored).
    Idea posted August 29, 2018 by Wagner de Magalhães CunhaRookie, tagged Field Service 
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    Upload image from gallery (stored).
    User Story / Description:

    When using Android APP we can´t upload images already stored  on android gallery, we always is need to take a new picture at the moment! An update for permitting uploads from gallery would be nice and optimize everyone's time and process.



    • Zsolt

      Hi Wagner,

      Just a side note: if the property type is "file" then any file can be attached from the device. It's can be a picture also, but you will losing the possibility to take photo with the APP directly.


    • Dmitriy Shcherbakov

      Hi Zsolt,

      This is exactly the point: 'file' types can ONLY be attached from the device's library, while 'Image' types - ONLY from the camera!

      The idea here is to have a hybrid type of Image&File to allow EITHER Camera OR Gallery to be decided at the time the work is performed (not when the layout configuration is done). This can solve a use case when the customer need such a flexibility in the field. We already have got 2 of such customers in APAC. The example of such behaviour is available in HTML5 Mobility application.