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    Collaboration Configuration
    Idea posted September 6, 2018 by Elliott WhaleyNewbie, tagged Agent Browser UI, Chat, Community, Feedback/Surveys, System Admin and Configuration 
    Collaboration Configuration
    User Story / Description:


    We would like to be able to configure collaboration in a way we could include a custom sound when a message comes through to a helpdesk and then a reminder in 10 minutes time for example to make sure they weren't forgotten about. This would help us enable our schedulers to realise that they have a collaboration message waiting for them to respond to. As quite often it has been missed as it isn't always very visible when you are extremely busy it is one of them things that can be forgotten.

    Another idea for this would be to get the colour to change and flash to make it like a instant notice along with the sound potentially. This is again to make it more obvious and visual to the user in case the users speakers weren't working or had their sound turned down and had forgotten this was the case.


    With this we would require some form of reporting to see potentially how quick they are being answered, and a good way to eventually send out surveys and things.

    This would help us roll collaboration out across our business easier and more acceptable