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    Ability to customize case workspace on user's...
    Idea posted August 31, 2018 by JelsiaoJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Ability to customize case workspace on user's preferences
    User Story / Description:

    Some of our agents have suggested to have the ability to hide fields and tabs from the case workspace that they don't need.



    • Sebastiaan

      You could place button on your workspace and create some workspace rule to hide/show certain sections on your workspace or based on signed-in profil.

      I used to work at a company where every user had it's own profile as we had many interfaces in different languages which would allow individual incident queues in their profile based on language & product skill. This had the aditional benefit of being able to create a unique navset and workspace for each user though this was usually shared for an entire group.