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    [Delivered] Cannot use Alternateemail field to send...
    Idea posted April 15, 2014 by ameya thatteRookie, last edited August 19, 2014 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Cannot use Alternateemail field to send responses using Rules to alternate emails
    User Story / Description:

    I came across this issue while trying to send notifications to alternate email addresses. These alternate email addresses are either added by an agent on incident work-space or by the customer through Customer Portal.

    Automated notifications (triggered through rules) or updates to the incident (also triggered through rules) are not being sent out to these addresses. As per Answer ID 6517 ( ) also it says that this is not possible even though the field records the alternate email addresses and sends the response if the notification is a standard/ OOTB.

    Can we have an enhancement where we can use this field to send out and the email addresses within to receive notifications triggered through rules?



    • Edson Junior

      Hy Ameya,

      I am front of to the same customer requeriment. Have got an idea to fix that?

    • Mike Walter

      I would open an incident, we noticed this once we moved to email templates.  They have fixed it in a patch, and I assume it will be fixed in an up coming release, if the issue is the same that we had.

    • Keri

      Hello Ameya,

      Thanks for the post. When we reviewed this item, we realized there was actually a problem on this when Message Templates were in play. We'll apply a fix to the product for future versions. I've also created an incident to help you track this with the Care team. An Upgrade may be required but the team can help to point you in the right direction.


    • Keri

      As a followup on this post, this fix has been applied to the August 2014 release. It was also available in Service Packs for the following versions:
      August 2013
      November 2013
      February 2014
      May 2014

      If you are on a release prior to what is listed, please upgrade to one of the listed releases (or beyond)! :)

      Thank you,