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    Terri Rodriguez
    Blank Resposne added to Comm Thread automatically
    Topic posted March 13, 2018 by Terri RodriguezJourneyer 
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    Blank Resposne added to Comm Thread automatically

    My signature block was enabled and I created a signature block in my personal settings.  When I opened an incident I could see a draft response with my signature block ready for use.  But, I saw where a blank message had been created and posted to the communication thread with just my signature block.  I did not do anything in the incident except open it to look at it.  I closed the incident without saving. When I opened it a second time that initial response was of course still there, but a new response was not automatically created.  I looked at the audit log and it shows that at the time the response was created that an edit from workflow occurred and then there is a second entry showing an edit from Custom Process. I asked our administrator why it happened but he doesn't have an answer.  Has anyone else experienced this and do you know why it happened and how to keep it from happening again?

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    • Anuj Behl

      You would need to check 3 things:

      • Workspace Rules for incident workspace
      • Workflow assigned to incident
      • Custom process for Incident event handlers

      Check for any condition/statement that tries to add a response or modify thread.

    • Terri Rodriguez

      Thank you Anuj!  Our administrator was able to create a workspace rule for our specific incident workspace and the problem was solved.