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    Ashutosh Garg
    Multiple email connected to service mailbox to create...
    Topic posted September 12, 2018 by Ashutosh GargExplorer 
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    Multiple email connected to service mailbox to create incidents


    How can we connect my multiple (let's say 25) company mailboxes to one oracle service mailbox so that email sent to those mailboxes will route to one oracle service mailbox and create incidents in OSvC.



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    • Sebastiaan

      That is actually relatively easy :-)

      It all depends what you want your customers to see as "From address"
      If you have one service mailbox you can only have one friendly from address (for example

      If that is okay then there is no need to purchase additional mailboxes in OSvC, you redirect everything from your corporate mailserver to the OSvC service mailbox. You will have to create seperate queues (you can see these as internal mailboxes if you like). You have your profiles and specify the right queues for the right profiles (agents can have multiple queues in their profile). Message templates can be configured to contain conditional content so that each queue can have it's own unique text and layout if desired.

      You will use your busines rules to read in the email header from which of the 25 mailboxes the incident originated (you will need to create 25 rules, one for each mailbox) and assign the incident to the corresponding queue based on the header content. See attached example.

      When working with multiple queues it is wise to create a seperate function for this and place all these rules in one function (folder structure) and call your function from the initial state. This way it won't clutter your initial state list :-)

      Call your Rule something like 1. Set Queue
      Call the rules in your function just the name of the queue

      This way the rule log will give you a better description/understanding of what is happening.

    • Ashutosh Garg

      Thanks Sebastiaan, 

      I hope in this same way we can also set an auto response for each company email ID using Business Rules.

      Correct me if I am wrong.




    • Sebastiaan

      The auto response (this is called 'Send Receipt Email' in business rules) requires one rule only and will apply to all incidents. The auto response can be personalized through the message template called Question Receipt. In this message template you can have conditional content based on queue.

      You are however not able to use different from addresses when you only have one mailbox, this as the friendly from address is specified in the mailbox configuration. This would mean in the example that all messages sent from OSvC will receive the same from address, regardless of your queues. This does not affect a reply as the queue information is retained. It does matter when you work with different branding addresses.

      Say you own 4 companies and all incidents should arrive in the same OSvC instance and customers should see different from addresses (corresponding to the company they emailed) then you would need 4 mailboxes as this would require 4 unique friendly from addresses (one for each mailbox). In that case you use the same rule as in the previous example with the addition of specifying the corresponding mailbox.
      (see new attachment)

      So the question is...
      Do you need multiple friendly from addresses?
      If the answer is yes, you will need more mailboxes (one for each desired friendly from address)
      If not, you can do with one single mailbox.

    • Ashutosh Garg

      No I don't need multiple friendly from addresses. I can work with a general friendly from address.

      Scenario is changed a bit now. But what I need to do is with every client email, I have to send a general response with respect to client email domain like .us or .uk etc. We have like 50 specific clients and they need prompt response (auto-response) against their email communications. 

    • Sebastiaan

      That is great, saves money when you only need one mailbox :-)
      If there are different logos or layouts involved you would need to work with an empty global template and have the layout and logos in conditional sections. If you name your queues right (company name) you can even use them as variables in your signature

      See attachment